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Picture of Triple Falls in North Carolina with Retreat Dates of January 30th - February 2, 2023

Crieff Fellowship USA

Jan. 30 - Feb. 2, 2023





William Still, the famous Scottish pastor and preacher, along with a handful of other men, began a conference that sought to serve pastors.  That handful of men devoted themselves to prayer, the preaching of the WORD, and the means of grace. There were never any games or entertainment, no networking, or think-tanks-it was simply a few men who found themselves equal before the cross of Christ and who sought true fellowship, Thus the Crieff Fellowship was born.


The Crieff Fellowship met for the first time in a small town in Scotland from which it derives its name. Crieff Fellowship USA is patterned after its father in Scotland. The purpose of Crieff Fellowship is threefold: 

1) to fellowship together as ministers of the gospel

2) to devote ourselves to prayer and the worship of God

3) to be challenged and encouraged by the Word of God so that we may return to our ministries prepared to do His work. 


Crieff Fellowship wants to meet our essential needs as ministers by becoming a mini-sabbatical that includes expository teaching, honest worship, intercessory prayer, and encouragement. Our Schedule is simple and involves only teaching, worship, prayer, and meals.


You have plenty of free time to spend by yourself, or with your spouse, enjoying the mountains, playing golf, fishing, or even late night basketball games, which have become a tradition over the last few years. However, your participation is up to you- we want you to leave refreshed and filled.

image of a few of the CrieffUSA Founders. Kevin McQuillen, Andy Lewis, Ken Leggett, and John Franks

2023 Speaker

Dr. Bryan Chapell

Stated Clerk of the PCA
Picture of Bryan and Kathy Chapell
Picture of Bryan and Kathy Chapell


Dr. Bryan Chapell, Ph.D. Is Pastor Emeritus of the historic Grace Presbyterian Church and
President Emeritus of Covenant Theological Seminary. He now leads the Administrative
Committee of the Presbyterian Church in America. His preaching and teaching are broadcast in many nations through Unlimited Grace Media, and are also available at He is the author of many books, including Unlimited Grace, Each for the Other, Holiness by Grace, Praying Backwards, The Gospel According to Daniel, The Hardest Sermons You’ll Ever Have to Preach, and Christ-centered Preaching, a preaching textbook now in multiple editions and many languages. He and his wife, Kathy, have four adult children, and a growing number of

Previous Speakers

2000 Rev. David Sinclair

2001 Dr. Mark Ross

2002 Rev. Randy Smith

2003 Rev. Chuck Jacob

2004 Dr. Jimmy Agan

2005 Dr. Rod Mays

2006 Dr. Jay Sklar

2007 Dr.George Robertson

2008 Dr. Mark Ross

2009 Rev. Scott Roley

2010 Dr. Skip Ryan

2011 Dr. John Wood

2012 Rev. Sandy Wilson

2013 Dr. George Robertson

2014 Steve Brown

2015 Dr. Ray Cortese & Rev. Adam Jones

2016 Dr. Jimmy Agan & Dr. Douglas Kelly

2017 Rev. Mike Khandijan & Dr. Dale Johnson

2018 Rev. Sandy Wilson & Rev. David Cassidy

2019 Dr. Sean Lucas & Rev. Chuck Jacob

2020 Dr. Ray Ortlund

2021 Rev. Ray Cortese & Rev. Andy Lewis

2022 Rev. Bob Flayhart

Image of Worship Service at CrieffUSA

Retreat Details

Crieff USA 2023 will be  Jan. 30-Feb 2, 2023. The location will again be the Bonclarken Retreat Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The cost is $235 for pastors and ministry workers and $195 for spouses. This covers housing, most meals, and conference expenses. 

Picture of the CrieffUSA banquet
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